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January 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

twenty ten is going to be a great year because:

1. i’m going on exchange ( europe here i come!)

2. i’m going to get into some serious business. ( been toying with some ideas for the longest time and i think this year is going to be THE year to finally roll out my ideas. )

3. tumblr rocks my socks. (my daily scoops of inspiration)

4. i’m going to make scrapbooking a huge huge part of my life this time round ( so excited that i have randomly found so many awesome scrapbookers’ blog and am so inspired by them)

5. i’m starting this blog! ( after much procrastination)

2009 has been great and it was such a huge pity that i haven’t started blogging. With so many exciting things that is going to happen in MY twenty ten, i just feel this pressing need to blog so that i can remember every little details in my daily life ( which will definitely come in handy for my scrapping) . i guess blogging will probably make me more appreciative of the simple things in life as i try to squeeze out posts. haha. would love to use this platform to share my loves ( scraps, tumblrs, family, friends, beebee,etc) as well. GOOD THINGS MUST BE SHARED. so.. hooray to a great start to twenty ten!

countdown to exchange: 18 days. (eeks/yipee)


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