latest discovery: POLYVORE

January 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

have been browsing through many scrapbookers’ blogs, and the IT thing to do as an avid scrapaholic seem to be finding THE WORD OF THE YEAR, one word which summarizes the goals that we hope to accomplish in this year. after giving much thought, i think my word of the year would be – DISCOVER.  i’m excited to discover more about the world ( exchange!),  about myself ( stepping out of my comfort zone), about scrapbooking, about anything that makes me happy and/or realizes my dreams.

last year, i discovered TUMBLR. i love love love inspirational/pretty/cute/meaningful/funny photos(or quotes or songs) and tumblr is my ultimate source of happiness. it seriously helped me tide through the intense school term. it just takes one photo/quote/song to make my day.

just a few minutes ago, i discovered POLYVORE. it’s all bout the fashion. OMG. i can create amazing collages so easily. here’s an example!

i can’t wait!

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