January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The past 5 days have been pretty eventful and fun 🙂 ever since bee has left for exchange, i have been trying to keep myself busy ( with meetups/exchange preparation/dance) so that i won’t miss him that much. so now comes my update!

Friday (8/1) :

Meetup with Farhan and Samuel @ tajimaya ( one of my fav jap restaurants!!) for dinner. These 2 guys are super hilarious. if you ever heard any guy discussing bout “take”,”pay” or “one night only”, it’s probably them. can’t tell you what these secret codes mean though. haha..


Najiah’s surprise bday party!!!! It was really sweet of Denise to organizee this whole surprise thingy and she was really a great host. Thanks Denise! The food was yummy, the wine was great and the company was fun! Also, it was my first time picking up poker and i finally understand why it is so addictive. haha.. can’t wait for my second!

Sunday (10/1):

Shopping with mommy! Shopping for winter wear is a pain cos it’s so expensive. I promise i will pay you back mom! Somehow, mommy was more excited bout shopping than me. I think she tried at least one thing in every shop we went to. nonetheless, it was a nice mommy-and-daughter hangout time 🙂

Monday (11/1):

It was a long day. Lunch with Mark and Joses/help out the juniors during self pract/Dinner with kenneth/went back to Louis’ studio for the important club discussion.


Cooking session with Yifang and Daph ( my dearest girl pals!) @ my house. It was disastrous yet hilarious. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. I am just so relieved that we actually tried cooking today and did not wait till i’m in Milan to cook my first meal cos i may end up burning the kitchen down.

Unforgettable moment of the day: Us choking on the smell of burnt curry paste. HAHA. we are so hopeless 😦

No worries girls! Now that we have consulted my mom and learnt from our mistakes, i’m sure we will do a much better job for our next cooking session 🙂


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