here comes the snow!

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

i know i have been such a bad blogger for not updating as often as i ought to. but my italian crash course has been pretty intensive and i’m quite surprised that i wasn’t as free as i thought i would be. i haven’t even plan all my trips and i better start soon if not i’ll just be stuck in milan. eeks! i’m definitely looking forward to my venice trip next saturday though!

i have so much updates to do but the one thing that i MUST blog about now is the white fluffy snow that i experienced today. it felt SO SURREAL. we were in the midst of our class and suddenly the rain turned into snow. i couldn’t stop looking out the window to see if the snow was getting fluffier. I mean if it’s already snowing, just give me an awesome snow that actually covers the whole city in white!

…AND my wish came true! was really glad that the snow didn’t deter us from going on our first museum trip – castello sforzesco. the snow gave the castle a magical touch and looked amazingly beautiful being covered in snow.

My socks were soaking wet and the toes were practically FROZEN but the cold definitely didn’t stop us from camwhoring in the snow!

one of my fav photos ( which looks like some scene in korean dramas!)

Castello Sforzesco basically houses several museums and it is free admission to most of the museums in the castle after 2pm on every friday! Despite spending bout 2 hours there, we didn’t manage to cover every museum and we definitely wanna go back to check out the Egyptian collection when the weather is better…or when i get waterproof boots.


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