misses and loves

February 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

what i miss about home

family and friends (it has only been 2 weeks but it felt like ages. raw)
efficiency ( my friend waited for 6 hours to get her permit of stay done. italians love complicating things i think. even my italian teacher said that italians are crazy. haha)
cleanliness ( there are dog poos everywhere!)
scrapbooking ( i wish my scrapbook materials are all here =( )
fast food maybe? (mac cost bout 7 euros per meal here)
the weather ( i can’t really stand cold weather. i’m freezing my butts off every day. AHHH.)

what i LOVE about milan
shopping ( the sales here are amazingly amazing. i got a jacket and a pair of jeans for 10 euros each, a denim jacket for 10 euros, 2 pair of boots for bout 10 euros each… the street markets are awesome too!! found so many great stuff there. so glad that there’s one right beside our apartment)
fresh fruits and vegetables ( cheap and extremely sweet! 1 kg of kiwis for 1.5 euro, 1 kg of mandarin oranges for 1.2 euros and 3 packets of strawberries for 2 euros!!!! )
GELATO ( have you seen chocolate flowing from taps? I DID! from one of the gelato shops- cioccolat italiani!! my favs are definitely GROM and CIOCCOLAT ITALIANI for now!)
the drop dead gorgeous-looking people! ( i will attempt to take photos of them SOON. when the weather gets better)
italian language! ( it’s pretty easy to learn. something like han yu pin yin)
FOOD ( love aperitivos and the pizzas here. YUM YUM)


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