venice carnivale

February 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

i swear i am going to blog all my trips tonight (27/3). the entries will be dated according to when my actual trips occur though.  i’m starting to forget all the little details. for instance this very moment when i am supposed to blog about my very first trip out of milan – venice! going to try really really hard to recall the interesting details. here we go!

1. the public toilets in venice cost 1.50euros per entry. which is S$3. how can they be so cruel to tourists??

2. gotta admit that venice is a pretty city and to come here only for a day trip is definitely not enough, especially when it is SO CROWDED. i couldn’t even take a proper photo of the canals.

3. the best time to get those gorgeous masks is definitely during the carnivale, when almost everyone has one and if you dont, you are probably the odd one out. i bought 3 cos they were so irresistible  =)

4. i LOVE the couture shot that i took with jason!

5. as well as the shot with the jack sparrow look-alike!


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