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This is going to be a massive post. we managed to squeeze in so much within 4 days but seriously, 4 days still weren’t enough for roma!Have been taking trains for my past few trips so this was my first time taking plane within europe! many more to come! upon arriving at the train station!

Visited the St Peter’s Basilica on our 1st full day in Rome. Weather was pretty bad so we couldn’t get to the cupola.

The interior of St Peter’s Basilica was magnificent. The other churches definitely look pale in comparison. The exterior of duomo in Milan is gorgeous, but nothing can be compared with the interior of St peter’s Basilica.

and so we went back to Vatican City the following day JUST to climb 300+ steps up to the cupola. amazing view though =) Love the fluffy clouds and the bright blue sky!!

We then went to Trastevere for some awesome lunch that Denise recommended. A full italian course for 11 euros! i didn’t take photos of my cabonara cos i was hungry then. but it was one of the best cabonara i’ve tasted!

Next up Fontana di Trevi! If you toss a coin over your shoulder once, you will return to Roma. If you toss a coin over your shoulder twice, you will get an italian boyfriend. i only tossed one cos i felt stupid tossing coins.

The gelato from SAN CRISPINO was MIND BLOWING. i had honey and apple sorbet twice from the shop. couldn’t resist. Anyhow, i had 4 gelatos in Roma. such a pig. As you can tell, SAN CRISPINO is highly recommended by many travel guides! They are really professional when it comes to gelatos. Each flavour is stored at different temperature and they don’t serve their gelatos in cones cos cones are considered “artificial”.

We did visit the Pantheon as well. but i don’t really have many good photos of the Pantheon so no photos on that! Denise loves the Pantheon though so if you are in Roma, you should visit it. The walk to Pantheon was nice. I love the architecture in Roma!

Ended our trip with a visit to Piazza Navona. I really really love this square because it’s filled with many amazing artists showcasing their work. i feel bad taking photos of their work but it’s impossible to choose ONE to buy as different artists have different styles and i just couldn’t decide. was a great way to end our stay in roma.

anyway, our way back home was like a mini amazing race! We left denise’s place pretty late. but thankfully the bus arrived when we reach the bus stop. and when we reach the train station, the train was leaving in TWO MINUTES. so naj and i sprinted to our train WITHOUT getting a train ticket cos if we miss this train, we would not be able to catch our flight. While running to the train, my packets of biscuits were dropping out from my backpack cos i didn’t zip my bag properly. it was pretty amusing cos naj was behind me and she was picking up my biscuits and i was running with 2 packets of biscuits in my hands. i was pretty terrified cos we didn’t have train tickets but guess what? the conductor walked past us TWICE without checking us. THANK YOU LADY LUCK. I hope this won’t happen anymore though. my heart was pounding so hard.

Special Thanks to Denise and Damiano for making our trip so memorable =) I’ve learnt so much more about italian culture and food and i must stay i really love it so much! ( except the part that i’m gaining weight like nobody’s business if i continue the italian diet)


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