March 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

over the weekends, naj and i visited pietro and marco’s hometown – bologna!

We freaking climbed 498 steps to reach top of Torre degli Asinelli (Tower of the Asinelli). it was a good workout though! was quite proud of the fact that i didn’t stop for a break while climbing =) The view was great, but after seeing the panoramic views of both Torino and Rome, it’s starting to get less breathtaking.

Pietro gave us a ride up the hill. If i am not wrong, the hill is called Monte Donato. Too bad the weather was gloomy. but thanks to naj’s cam, we still manage to get some pretty photos. i really love the one with me holding my cam. and the shots taken with naj. and the shots of pietro snapping photos. haha.

Bologna is considered to be the food capital of Italy. here comes the yummy photos!

i spent 40 euros on food alone during my 2nd day in bologna. to the europeans, i guess it’s reasonable. but to a poor student from singapore, it is S$80. *stab my heart a few times* at least the food lived up to its expectations! had my 14th and 15th gelatos in bologna and gosh.. they were so yummy. stracciatella and happy hippo @ gelateriagianni and brownice and some sorbet ( which i paid 30 cents extra) @ il gelatauro. tortellini was so yums and the pasta with deer meat was insanely good too!

too much good food, too little stomach space. sometimes i feel like my stomach is stretching and it feels damn gross. time to moderate my food intake.

if the boys ever read this, GRAZIE MILLE for showing us around in bologna =)


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