10 days – budapest

April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s easter break and i’ve decided to travel with my favourite girls – fang, daph and kailing. Let’s start with the first city ( and also our favourite) – Budapest!

It was my first time being on a flight alone as well as having to navigate around the city alone. But i’ve been really blessed to meet many nice people while i was.. alone. There was this Hungarian girl whom i met on the plane. Her mom was really nice to help me the train ticket at a discounted price and they happened to stop at the same train station with me!

It was also my first time staying in a hostel and i really like the cosiness of the Groove Hostel. Had lunch with an italian guy and british girl who were both staying in the hostel. guess it was quite a good start to my 10-day trip =)

Here’s some photos from our walking tour!

i love travelling with my girls because they are so spontaneous when it comes to photo taking!

amazing night photos!

and how can we forget about the therapeutic bath at Széchényi Spa?

the kebab shop near our hostel sells really awesome kebab. we had kebab every single day, to the extent that the kebab man recognized us and actually gave us free tea for our last 2 days in budapest. there was even once when he wanted to give free tea while we walked past his store. yet another reason to love budapest. haha..

in conclusion, what we love about budapest:

– the history
– the beautiful sights
– the cheap and good food ( we were so addicted to coke cos it was relatively cheaper than any western europe countries. i think we bought about 4 2-litre bottles of coke)
– the bath
– the kebab
– szimpla ( it’s this really nice bar to chill. the sandwich was really good)


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