best fml-worthy train experience

May 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

note to self: never EVER take any train when the entire country is celebrating ANY sort of festival.

Even after experiencing flight delay in prague AND flight cancellation in hamburg, i have never wanted to admit that i am unlucky because i would like to think that i’m pretty positive in nature and i totally understand that sometimes shit happens. BUT HOW CAN SHIT HAPPEN SO MANY TIMES? i am not feeling angry/angsty/upset/jaded. i am just wondering HOW. haha. in fact i am pretty amused. so here’s a recount of what happened just about 4-5 hours ago.

it was probably a bad decision to go to holland on queens’ day. the trains were filled with drunk people and i happened to pick the wrong cabin too. there was this bunch of people who:

– were SMOKING in the cabin
– opened the windows despite the fact that it was below 10degrees
– were blowing their orange trumpets
– rolling cans of beers across the cabins

and yes i had to endure that for TWO HOURS only to find out that…

i reached the WRONG STATION at 1am. wee.

when i asked the conductor if the train goes to groningen, he told me that

– i am pretty far away from groningen
-the next train will be at 7am
– everything in or around the station is closed ( even the toilet is closed which means i can’t even stay overnight @ the train station because i need to take my contacts out/pee/fill up my water bottle after being dehydrated for 9 hours)

i couldn’t help it but to say F*** MY LIFE in his face.was totally surprised that i actually did not shed a single tear despite how screwed up the situation was.*give myself a pat on my shoulder*in fact i couldn’t stop laughing when fang called me. probably too overwhelmed. fang was like ” be safe okay!” and i went “i am so angsty now if anyone dares to provoke me i will just squeeze his balls”

this was when MR CONDUCTOR drove past me and asked if i needed a ride. and he asked me if i have cash with me. what a stupid question. in the end he asked if i have 50 euros for petrol and in desperation i called fang again.we decided that 50 euros is pretty decent to get me to her house. so i hopped into his car praying that everything will be okay.

i must say that Mr Conductor’s car was pretty nice. and because he was kind enough to send me to fang’s place, i couldn”t just remain silent throughout the whole ride and we ended up talking about a lot of nonsense. he was quite hilarious so at least the ride was quite enjoyable. for example, when i showed him fang’s address, he said ” are you sure this is not the address of a police station?” and when i told him that i only have 6 months for exchange, he went ” how do you have enough time to enjoy the italian men?” HAHA.

although my heart is still bleeding from the unnecessary 50 euros spent, i guess it was a blessing in disguise. i could have been stranded @ the train station. and to actually hop onto a stranger’s car was SO dangerous. oh well… at least this makes yet another exciting story to tell my grandkids in the future.

PS: i really really pray that all my other trips will be smooth-sailing. i don’t need any more exciting stories.

PPS: Thanks Mr Conductor for ensuring that i reach fang’s place safely!


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