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note to self: never visit the toilet before half time is up.

and so i bought the 59 euro tix to watch the inter-chievo match.

i’ve always enjoyed football but was never a crazy fan. was pretty hesitant to fork out 59 euros for a football match but thanks to jeanne ( who told me that this was a pivotal match for inter and we won’t have a chance to watch it in milan anymore), i was hesitant no more. haha.. let’s not think in terms of S$.

before the match…

love this shot =)

in the stadium…

let’s just say that the 59 euro was money well spent. the atmosphere was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i’ve never seen such passionate spectators. the inter fans were insanely enthusiastic. they were chanting, cheering, jumping, singing. some of my thoughts from the match:

– it sucks not to be the home team. whenever chievo scores, the stadium would be in dead silence as if no goal was made and the game just continued. or worse, they get boo-ed by the fans.

– it’s amazing how the inter fans know every single player in the team. the commentator will scream the number of the player over the speaker and every single fan will chant the player’s name. AWESOME SHIT.

– i’m even more astounded by the fans’ multi-tasking ability. in the midst of the match, inter fans started cheering and jumping. turned out that there was another match going on ( AS Roma vs Cagliari) and they were cheering cos Cagliari scored a goal which meant that inter was definitely going to clinch the title.

– i wished there were replays of the goals. can’t believe i missed one goal cos i decided to go to the toilet 5 minutes before half-time. damn it. thank gawd i saw the other 6 goals.

– FINAL SCORE: Inter 4 – Chievo 3

– I wanna learn the cheers and songs!!!!


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