my mind’s eye challenge #23 + here’s my awesome mom

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

We celebrated mom’s bday a few weeks ago and i happened to take this candid shot of her with her birthday cake. You can’t really guess her age from the number of candles cos we didn’t put the exact number. Haha… Anyway, she looked really young and happy in the photo and i just have to scrap it ( although she’s going to kill me for this since she’s in her PJs)Here’s my layout that was based on mind’s eye challenge #23.
close ups!

because i love the hip-hooray collection so much, i’ve even used the cute little banner in my layout too!

Here’s 10 random facts about my mom:
1. She is addicted to korean drama
2. She cries VERY easily. As long as someone cries – be it on tv or in real time – she cries along with her/him. this makes her a very good listener because she empathize with you but makes you feel bad at the same time for making her feel bad. i got this crying thing from her.
3. She cooks REALLY well. ( I can’t cook for nuts because there’s a already an awesome cook at home)
4. She loves to learn new things – baking, jewellery making, quilting, flower arrangement and her lastest – TAILORING.
5. She is obsessed with organic food.
6. She loves to keep the family together. Whenever one of us goes overseas, it drives her crazy.
7. If she can’t buy anything when she goes shopping, she buys plastic containers.
8. She has amazing complexion for her age. Whenever we go facials together, the ladies always rave about her complexion. She really takes very good care of her skin, even her hands and feet. I always get hand lotion from crabtree and evelyn for her.
9. She likes COACH bags.
10. She taught me how to love.

My mom’s paranoia drives me crazy at times, but I LOVE THIS AMAZING WOMAN TO BITS. she is everything to me – mom, advisor, listener, shopping buddy, supporter and my best friend. (just for your info, my dad is as amazing but i will give him his due credits in a separate layout. haha) stay young mommy (:


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