feeling like the luckiest girl

July 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

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what was supposed to be a boring saturday night turned out to be one of my most unforgettable and amazing nights ever – my belated birthday surprise! i swear i had no clue at all. certainly a job well done by mr eugene tan, who actually used a really lousy cover story but i actually believe it!

so we had dinner at akashi, a japanese restaurant at orchard parade hotel. basically eugene told me that he bought some camera add ons online and he has to meet the person to collect it at 730pm. it was really dubious cos eugene doesn’t even use his camera. i literally have to beg him all the time to take photos! and when he led me into akashi and i saw all my friends sitting there, i was so touched that tears welled up in my eyes (i cry very easily btw) so truly blessed to have these close friends that i cannot imagine living without, and of course i have to thank eugene for planning this nice little surprise. it honestly made my day, even possibly my month. such a great start to july!

love the food, love the company even more. drinks at one altitude after definitely completed my couldn’t-be-better night! I love my life!


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