tracklist: july

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

i am one person who can never live without music in my life. a true believer that there’s always a perfect song out that that represents your emotions at any moment when words fail you. often, we may hear a song at random which sends chills down our spine, warms your heart, speaks your soul but we just let it slip by. such a waste. and so i have decided to consolidate a tracklist every week of songs that gives me the tingles (:
1. OneRepublic – Good Life
a happy song that makes me want to whistle along.
2. Tyler Ward and the Co – Heartbeat
tyler ward is one of the most popular youtube singers and he does really awesome covers. here’s one of his original songs that i really like.
3. Demi Lovato – Skyscrapper
I’m alright with Demi Lovato but 2 of her songs that really caught my attention is “Don’t forget” and this. This song reflects our internal struggles quite aptly.
4. Adele – Set fire to the Rain
Adele is one of my fav female singers and this is such a perfect painful heartbreak song.
5. The xx – xx
The xx is an indie band and i love listening to their songs when i’m in a quiet environment. It has this calm, soothing with a tingle of melancholic feel. Some of my favs are intro, crystallized, and infinity.



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