my crazy 60-hour hong kong trip

September 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

just got back from my trip visiting eugene in hong kong and it was a crazy emotional rollarcoaster ride. the following content will be very personal and i hope you can bear with the emo-ness. haha… so here’s what i have experienced in the short 60 hours.

1. exhilarated to see eugene at the airport after being apart for 7 weeks
2. excited over finding my new shopping haunts ( i bought 6 dresses, 5 necklaces and 2 bracelets in total and i have to say i’m really proud of my awesome buys)
3. happy to meet up with my exchange friends ( jason, vanessa and pietro) and also made some new friends!
4. stressed over buying furniture for eugene’s empty apartment ( it was fun to finally do some REAL furniture shopping though in ikea. just wished i had more time to decide how to decorate the place)
5. helpless when unforeseen circumstances happen ( for example, never knowing when i can actually meet eugene for lunch or dinner because of his unpredictable work schedule)
6. heart wrenching to say goodbye to him again.

i think saying goodbye will never be easy. can’t believe we experienced this for the 4th time and it still hurts.a.lot.for both of us. and i guess it didn’t help that eugene had to rush back to office and we had to say our goodbyes in the middle of IFC. the last hug broke my heart and i have no idea how i had the strength to bring myself to the airport alone. a part of me just wants to run back to him but the practical me said no so i just cried my eyes out on my way to airport.

being apart is definitely our test of love and is definitely going to be tremendously hard but i know both of us will be strong for each other and just make the best out of the experience! love you baby! thanks for everything (:

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