one estilo

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

this is it. my secret project – one estilo – has finally launched!

after months of discussion and weeks of preparation, the website is finally up and running! this is a humble business that my friend Lifeng and i have ventured into – bringing affordable and pretty clothes to ladies out there. Some people have asked us, why did we even bother to start when competition is so stiff these days. this was initially one of our main concerns but honestly, i think what drives us to do this is really more for the passion than for profit. we love fashion too much to let go off this opportunity and we don’t mind taking the slow path to build our reputation.

One other reason why i want to start my own business is because it gives me a platform to unleash all the ideas that have been trapped in my head. we are definitely looking into creating lookbook and stuff so i am really really excited.

on a side note, it was my first time designing a website and i’m so glad the countless sleepless nights finally paid off. for a noob like me, i’m quite glad with the outcome. while it gets really draining at times as there’s a lot of readings, trial and error, staring at the screen helplessly, i really enjoyed the process. maybe i should venture into web designing or sth. HMMM. there’s probably a lot of room for improvement, so please give me any suggestions on how we can make our website better!

will also appreciate it if you guys can like our facebook page and join our mailing list for updates (: thanks!!!!


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