the unofficial hong kong food guide – mandarin grill

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I did a recent post of my favourite food in Hong Kong. but my meal at mandarin grill + bar deserves a post on its own. Mandarin Grill + Bar is a one Michelin Star restaurant at Mandarin Oriental and we went there to celebrate Eugene’s birthday. I’ve read the reviews on ladyironchef but seriously, reading is totally different from experiencing. The meal indeed blew our minds and stomach and everything possible.

As usual, fine dining always start of with a selection of bread. At mandarin grill, they not only serve amazing bread, but also offer you 6 different types of olive oil to go with your bread. So many decisions to make at the start of the meal. We made a mistake of having too much bread but they were sooo good.

Then came along more appetizers in very fancy arrangements.

This is actually foie gras. I felt really strange eating this cos you would expect something sweet seeing that it is a small pear but when you take a bite it is savoury. Loads of thought put into this though. A+ for effort.

We had scallops and foie gras for starters. The scallops were so fresh and juicy i felt i was living underwater, especially with the fresh seasweed beneath the scallops. The foie gras was good too but i think it was a bit too much for my liking.

As for our mains, Eugene ordered the dover sole while i ordered the lamb. Both are fantastic but by the time we reached the mains, we were beyond bloated and couldn’t believe we still have the desert ( which was what we came to mandarin grill for) I should have ordered fish instead of the lamb though cos it was quite a heavy main.

Here are the sides that came along with our mains. I think the waiter said it was celery and if it was really celery, it was the best celery i’ve ever tasted. Even eugene who hates celery had to admit it was good.

And finally after our mains, a cute young chef came out to prepare our dessert on our table. It was truly the highlight of our meal – Krug on the moon.

Firstly he sprinkled various chocolate powder on the table forming somewhat an art work. Then he put this stone-like ball on the table and starting pouring chocolate sauce on the ball. At first i thought the ball was just an ornament but when the stone-like ball starting melting, my jaws literally dropped. the ball is made of chocolate and in the ball itself it was filled with more goodness. To end off the show, the chef brought out another moon-like object and said something along the line of it being some frozen chocolate and started smashing it in front of us and somehow there was mist coming out of the chocolate creating the misty effect.i was really trying very hard to make a mental note of every sequence but it all happened to fast, hence my vague description. it was like watching a performance, you have to experience it yourself. Here’s the finished product.

It was a great dining experience. I have to say that the waiter’s enthusiasm in the food he was serving made the meal even more enjoyable. According to him, he has never seen anyone who finish the krug on the moon to make us feel better. Also, do take note that krug on the moon is meant for 2. so if you have 4 people, you have to order 2 sets.

In conclusion, if you want to splurge on a meal, this is THE place to go. good food, good service, good ambience.


because we can still do brunch at 5pm

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i am so going to miss my relaxing days in Hong Kong. nothing beats brunch at 5pm. not even the rain can bring us down.

my unofficial hong kong food guide

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I’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve visited Hong Kong. friends would often ask me for recommendation and i will get really embarrassed cos honestly whenever i’m in Hong Kong, i’m just being led around. so for my very recent trip to Hong Kong, i decided to create an unofficial food guide to share my love of food.

If you are looking for some awesome and cheap dim sum, go to Tim Ho Wan. I’ve tried many and this is still the best. Some of my favourites include the siew mai, pork ribs and the char siew bao that has crispy crust. YUMMY.They have 3 brunches but i usually go to the one at central.

Mongkok: Flat 8, G/F Phase 2, Tsui Yuen Mansion, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok, Kln
Sham Shui Po: G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Kln
Central: Concession Hok 12A, Level 1, MTR Hong Kong Station, Central

I’ve also tried dim sum at The Square.

The photos may look more appetizing than those taken at Tin Ho Wan, but i think it’s cos the lighting at The Square was a lot better. If there’s one thing you have to try at The Square, it has got to be the yummy egg tart ( you can do without the bird nest on it. I couldn’t taste the bird nest at all) and the roasted pork which was unfortunately sold out when i was there. I prefer their dinner menu than their dim sum.

Shop 401, 4/F, Exchange Square
Podium, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 25251163
Nearest MTR Station: Central

My favourite japanese restaurant in Hong Kong is hands down MISO.

I always have more than 1 serving of salmon sashimi there and the unagi with ginger rice is a must-try too!

Jardine House Central
Telephone: 28458773
Nearest MTR Station: Central

Eugene’s favourite wanton mee at Wing Wah Wonton Noodle Restaurant.  Please also order the fried fish skin. It was sinfully yummy. I didn’t take any photos cos it wasn’t very visually appealing. Their mango glass jelly was actually really fantastic too. what a great way to conclude supper.

Wing Wah Wonton Noodle Restaurant
89 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2527 7476
Nearest MTR Station: Wanchai

Will be back for more updates on the food in Hong Kong!

birthday brunch at skyve

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eugene came back to singapore as a birthday surprise for me and as if the surprise wasn’t big enough, he brought me to skyve for an awesome brunch. it’s a bistro and bar that is nicely tucked in one of the side roads along bukit timah road (nearer to newton MRT).  we went quite late so we almost had the whole place to ourselves, which was really nice. i love the ambience and the food was pretty decent too! would be a great place to have nice little gatherings. As usual, photos taken using instagram (follow me @daphnieteo)

we ordered skyver’s breakfast ($20) for our mains.( it is a must for me to try the big breakfast at any brunch place). It comes with 2 eggs, 1 bread , served with wild mushroom fricassee, English pork sausage, confit of cherry tomatoes & roasted baby potatoes. I chose brioche as my choice of bread and i LOVE it. Also tried a few of their desserts – Valrhona Chocolate Fondant ($12) and Homemade Maple Ice Cream ($12). My fav of the 2 has to be the chocolate fondant. can’t really remember much of the maple ice cream cos eugene finished most of them anyway. haha.

random photo but we happened to be wearing navy together. haha.

can’t wait to try their mains the next time i’m there. till the next time!

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17

Tel: +65 6225 6690

Open Daily: Monday to Sunday
(including Public Holidays)
10am to late

birthday wish list

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1. Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan 2. Kikki.K greeting stamps 3. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette  4. Canon Selphy CP800 5. Alexcious Wooden Iphone Cover 6. Fabrix Carryall tote 7. Studio Calico Summer Stamp School Class 8. Diana F+ or Holga

my 24th birthday in less than a week (:

staycation + brunch at five & dime

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Had staycation at Fraser Place with 2 of my fav girls – Yifang and Daph – over the weekend. Felt super awesome when we could just head back to our apartment right after dinner in Robertson Quay itself. We were pretty impressed by the service of Fraser Place, especially when the shuttle bus uncle stopped us RIGHT IN FRONT OF our brunch place. made us feel like queens. so anyway, the entire nation seems to be on a quest to find the best brunch. the three of us are no exception. After seeing a few reviews on Five and Dime Eatery recently, we decided to try it out and so glad we did!

as usual i will always try the big breakfast and what i love about the big brekkie at five and dime is the mushroom and baked potatoes. i love love love the interior deco as well. not too many tables so it feels really cosy and intimate. If you are on a brunch quest like us, go try it (:

Five and Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Tel: +65 9236 5002

Mon to Fri: 12pm – 12am
Sat: 10am – 12am
Sun: 10am – 10pm
(Closed on Tue)

hello there gorgeous

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the top 5 girls in my inspire-me-to-work-out list. in no particular order

1. Nicole Scherzinger

Source: via Daphnie on Pinterest


2. Shakira


3. Barbara Palvin


4. Lana Del Rey


5. Candice Swanepoel